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Growth Mindset

The way students think about learning has major implications on how and what they actually learn. At Narromine Public School we have a strong focus on promoting a ‘growth mindset' in students.

Our goal is to inspire students to ensure that instead of making statements such as "Well, I'm just not good at writing", they change their mindset to "I'm not that good at writing……..yet". Our goal is to ensure that students keep trying, embrace challenges and take advantage of mistakes made, ultimately empowering them to become life long learners.

Growth mindset techniques define for students the behaviours that contribute to success in learning. Providing a safe learning environment where it is ok to make mistakes and learning that success equals effort underpin the philosophies. This approach is strategically designed to develop the emotional resilience of our students contributing to their well-being.

Students need to be prepared to  struggle and understand that effort equals success, and mistakes are  opportunities to learn.  This is taught in each classroom. During three-way conferences, students discuss with their  parent/s why a growth mindset is important.