Narromine Public School

Quality education in a caring environment.

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About our school

Narromine Public Schools shared vision is Quality Education in a caring environment. A comprehensive educational and welfare program is maintained as well as sporting, academic and cultural activities and opportunities. Curriculum access for students is maximised through innovative programs. 

Narromine Public School prides itself on being a genuine community school with parent participation, open communication and shared leadership being vital threads running through all school operations.

Community – Valuing Education Through Community Participation

At Narromine Public School we put a strong emphasis on the relationship between our school community and the wider community in which our school is situated.

Our school actively encourages parent and carer involvement in the classroom. In addition to assisting the classroom teachers this reinforces the value the greater community places on education.

We welcome our classroom volunteers from all areas of our students' lives and encourage our classroom assistants to take part in further training such as our PATCH (Parents as Teachers and Classroom Teachers) Program to support their volunteering.

In addition to parents and carers, we have also forged partnerships with many other people and groups in the community who all bring different dynamics to the greater education of our students. The depth and variety of these volunteers helps to make the students' learning real and relevant as well as ensuring our students value the process of learning.

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