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Visible Learning

Visible learning enables students to take responsibility for their on-going learning. It builds a culture of educational aspiration in students through clear  and explicit learning intentions and success criteria.

It supports the development of assessment capable learners , developing resilience, perseverance and the knowledge that effort equals success. When learning and student progress is visible, the teacher  is continually responsive to meeting the learning needs of all students.

Feedback, formative assessment and assessment criteria that is clearly articulated to students enables students to reflect on their learning to support their progression.

Visible learning  requires teachers to continually reflect on their teaching, seeking feedback from students about their effectiveness. Teachers continually gather data to measure impact of teaching and student progress.

What are the practices at Narromine Public School that support visible learning?

  • Learning Goals and Criteria
  • Three-way Conferences
  • Formative Assesment
  • Feedback
  • Growth Mindset
  • Measuring Impact